Bringing 2014 in Right-ish

Warning:  Long Post Commencing - Settle In I know I know, it's taken almost two weeks for me to report on my New Year's Eve celebrating, but I've been uber sick with what I thought was a nasty cold but the cough lingered and did not improve so I gave in and went to the … Continue reading Bringing 2014 in Right-ish

Summer Morning in Yokosuka

The husband and I decided to go out into town this morning to find a little something for breakfast and enjoy being out before the heat sets in.  We decided to finally try Tulley's coffee shop which we have passed by so often but never stopped in before. When you walk in there is a … Continue reading Summer Morning in Yokosuka

Shinagawa Shinanigans and Snacking Adventure

Last night I took the train up to Shinagawa (Tokyo)  to meet up with some ladies for food, drinks and such.  I was having such a good time I didn't think to take any photos so I'll just paint a picture lol.  I met them at an oyster bar ( there were 8 of us)  … Continue reading Shinagawa Shinanigans and Snacking Adventure