2015 – Ready…. GO!

Well February has arrived and I'm happy to note 5 pounds have come off and I have just started going back to the gym.  This is not a New Years Resolution kind of thing but more a re-focus and get back into the swing of things I was doing towards self-improvement prior to getting lazy … Continue reading 2015 – Ready…. GO!

What $10 Will Get You

We went in to town to do a little shopping, needed odds and ends type things...sounds like a great job for the 100 yen stores!  We ended up spending more for lunch (probably $20) then the shopping and we are awesomely happy with that. Lunch first, we stopped at a place by the Yokosuka Chuo … Continue reading What $10 Will Get You

Summer Morning in Yokosuka

The husband and I decided to go out into town this morning to find a little something for breakfast and enjoy being out before the heat sets in.  We decided to finally try Tulley's coffee shop which we have passed by so often but never stopped in before. When you walk in there is a … Continue reading Summer Morning in Yokosuka