What $10 Will Get You

We went in to town to do a little shopping, needed odds and ends type things…sounds like a great job for the 100 yen stores!  We ended up spending more for lunch (probably $20) then the shopping and we are awesomely happy with that.

Lunch first, we stopped at a place by the Yokosuka Chuo train station, I had a matcha (green tea powder) drink and a light pasta dish with shrimp and basil, it was nice and just enough to fill me up without making me sleepy.










We stopped at a few different shops and came up with this bundle of goodies totally under $10

20130824_141348 A new fan for me.

An old school ash tray for the balcony, no we don’t smoke anymore but we do enjoy the occasional cigar.

Erasers and a calculator for work

Little socks (these are hugely popular to wear here and come in many different patterns and fabrics) which are great to wear with flat slip on shoes.

Two pairs of shoe laces for my converse.  My white laces are no longer white so I found polka dots and black lace!

The husband got a new hand towel (another hugely popular item here, Oh the humidity!)



We stopped for a refreshment, which to my husband means a filled crepe which is a big no no for me (specially since I already ate pasta and shouldn’t have) so I got a tapioca strawberry, banana, milk and yogurt drink.  Just what we needed to get us home with a slight detour to the Navy Exchange for a few things.

20130824_123808 20130824_123801











The husband loved this van we passed, he called it the A-Team van. lol









Now home and showered, blood sugar slightly high at 157 but not bad considering the carbs and tapioca, fruit drink I had.  Time to relax a bit, cool off and study some Japanese language.  Konnichiwa!



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