I write in … and >.>

Recently, it has come to my attention that I use a lot of … and some gamer code emotes such as “>.>” in my blogging, comments and social media whatevers.

For me the … is a pause and often a deliberate pause for dramatic effect. I don’t know if it works on the reader but it is how my thoughts form so I type it that way…with pauses. This is probably entirely incorrect in a literary sense and even maybe looked down upon by serious writers and better edumacated people. I will admit, that doesn’t bother me. I think with pauses and I often speak with some pauses so it is simply illustrating who I am as person typing I suppose. It helps establish the tone as well, I hope.

Now, the gamer codes I simply picked up…yes you can guess…gaming. “>.>” is simply me looking sideways in response to something you or I “said”. Much like a raised eyebrow I suppose.

For more serious writing or journaling I leave out the … and >.> ‘s but for everyday they simply add my personality and tone to what I’m writing.

Hopefully, these inserts are not seen as shortened txt fail, I do hate heavily abbreviating for texting and that has somehow moved from phone texting to social media comments and the like. If I ever fall under that spell, someone whack me upside the head with something rather sturdy.

2 thoughts on “I write in … and >.>

  1. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with ellipses. They give you time to…think. But do keep in mind that most of us non-gamer types have no idea what >.> means.

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