Birthday Weekend

The best part of my birthday is that it falls around a 3 day weekend so I usually get three days to celebrate. Ok who am I kidding, I celebrate for about a week, I’ll be honest.

This year, our first in Japan was a really great time. It started out on Friday, we went to a “Wetting Down” ceremony on base. One of the guys was selected to be a Mustang, this is when an enlisted sailor is selected to be made an officer, it is quite an honor and one I am proud to say my husband carries as well.

Saturday my wonderful husband left in the morning for Yokohama for a pub crawl with a new group he got involved with but the real reason was he gave me the day and night to have to myself. 🙂 I rented three movies and picked up some comfort food then dug in for the night. Silver Linings Playbook was better than I expected, more than a comedy/romance – I loved the psychosis of it all. Oz The Great and Powerful was better than I hoped for too. Although I was not a fan of how the wicked witch looked on Mila Kunis, the rest of it I had no complaints about. Finally, Hansel and Gretel. I will own this movie, great fun!

Met up with a friend to take the train up to Yokohama to meet the husband then proceed to the Pancrase Fights.

















This was amazing, we were right up front and other than having to stand for about 4 hours straight it was GREAT!  Blood was shed, men were carried off the mat in stretchers and there were two knockouts.  Happy Birthday to ME!

Monday was pretty relaxed, went to lunch and had a great view of Yokosuka City.










Got a lovely card from my husband this morning and went in to work to a card and flowers from my coworkers in the office.












After work they took me to dinner in town.  We went for Thai and did it family style, ordering several things and sharing.  It was amazing, delicious and beautiful food.

Thai Erawan is close to the Navy Base, enough that I walked home.
Thai Erawan is close to the Navy Base, enough that I walked home.
Spring Rolls and Papaya Salad to start!
Spicy Chicken in Coconut Milk Soup – This was my favorite of the night!
On the top is my friend scooping some Green Curry and rice
Red Curry and rice
I don’t recall what the name of this was but it is a seed, the texture is much like tapioca. It was very nice to have at the end of the meal.
































Came home to a few gifts from family and friends and a very satisfied and fulfilled feeling.  Today I feel like a very lucky 41 year old woman.  I have a love that can not be measured for my husband, my friends, my home, America and Japan.  Oh and a new found appreciation for Thailand!

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