Typhoon Day Means Blog Day – Part 2

Part two of updating you on what all we have been up to lately. TOM TAM – This is my favorite restaurant in Kamakura, it’s run by a couple or three maybe older ladies and the entire place could almost fit inside my kitchen.  Their food is always good and they are super sweet and … Continue reading Typhoon Day Means Blog Day – Part 2

Shinagawa Shinanigans and Snacking Adventure

Last night I took the train up to Shinagawa (Tokyo)  to meet up with some ladies for food, drinks and such.  I was having such a good time I didn't think to take any photos so I'll just paint a picture lol.  I met them at an oyster bar ( there were 8 of us)  … Continue reading Shinagawa Shinanigans and Snacking Adventure