Typhoon Day Means Blog Day – Part 2

Part two of updating you on what all we have been up to lately.

TOM TAM – This is my favorite restaurant in Kamakura, it’s run by a couple or three maybe older ladies and the entire place could almost fit inside my kitchen.  Their food is always good and they are super sweet and friendly.

20140915_130823 20140915_134013 20140915_135039 20140915_135152 20140915_135404


For my birthday I ordered a couple of knives that caught my eye recently.  I’ve always wanted a set of throwing knives and a small blade to hang around my neck.

20140917_170341 20140919_200057


Some Food The pumpkin ice cream here is amazing!  It isn’t pumpkin like Americans know it, it’s Japanese pumpkin and it’s just delicious.  Also, for Autumn Equinox I made a small feast for us to celebrate the harvest season.  Cornish game hen, sweet potato and asparagus.

20140919_212548 20140923_185531


Fastfood – We decided since McDonald’s and Burger King here are different that we will give them a try afterall, specially after BK came out with their special Black Burgers.  It was mandatory to try them and while they were very different they were not something I would eat again, glad we did it once though. 🙂

The taste reminded me of how my mouth tasted after enjoying a lovely cigarette.  Not a flavor I need reminding of even after 9 years.

20140927_201856 20140927_201903


Last week we went to see Boston (linked so you can listen while reading) in concert in Tokyo.  It was a great concert, we stayed at the New Sanno hotel that night and stopped for Ramen in Shinagawa the next day on the way back home.

20141002_171320 20141002_183838 20141002_183844 20141002_192254 20141002_193647 20141002_193731 20141002_203420 20141002_210556

Random Photo
Here is a photo I took recently that seem blog worthy:


I was tempted to continually poke him in the arm.


I have one more trip to update you on but think it’s worthy of it’s own blog post so, typhoon allowing, I’ll have it up later today probably.  We went on a tour a few days ago and have a lot of photos.

Hope you enjoyed my last couple of months, it has been wonderful, exciting and fun.

4 thoughts on “Typhoon Day Means Blog Day – Part 2

    1. haha I suppose so, I’ve had some interesting food here so far. One I wasn’t supposed to eat but didn’t know better till after – Shark Fin, I’ve had horse meat, sting ray and some odd sushi so far.

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