October Excursions – Part 1


Fukiware Waterfall & Kokeshi Doll Factory:

Located in Gunma Prefecture which is North and West of Tokyo, this was about a 4.5 hour drive with a stop in the middle for snacks and restroom break.  Arriving at the Fukiware Waterfall.

20141004_093302 20141004_094525 20141004_094924 20141004_095056 20141004_095447 20141004_100020









The first photo is a bridge we crossed to make our way down to the waterfall.  It’s actually two waterfalls, both are set in the river, so we are actually looking down on them.

From here we rode on to the Harada Fruit Farm to pick some Japanese grapes.  These grapes are HUGE and incredibly juicy and sweet.  They are fairly expensive to purchase in the markets too, so this was a nice treat.  We were allowed two bundles per person so we walked away with four bundles which lasted us about two weeks.

20141004_110913 20141004_111054 20141004_111139 20141004_111710 20141004_111752









After the grapes we were back on the bus to stop for lunch then make our way to the Kokeshi Doll Factory where we were able to paint our own dolls, which was quite difficult really, the paint was water-based and difficult to work with and the brushes were well used, add to that I have no artistic talent whatsoever.  😀

20141004_073126 20141004_073144 20141004_073256










The truck stops in Japan are pretty incredible, many choices from Ramen and Curry to Hot vending machines.

My Husband created a Scotsman in a Kilt. haha!
I tried doing the four seasons…and added a little purple to her hair.










The small, egg shape above is less commercialized than the ones you see here, which were professionally painted and more common.  Just to help you recognize the doll.  Some people paid extra to have this larger size doll to paint but us knowing our artistic limitations we decided to do the egg.



Headed back home laughing at ourselves and our artistic prowess and feeling wonderful after visiting cultural Japan.

14 thoughts on “October Excursions – Part 1

        1. I actually envy you a bit, I miss Cajun food. We are heading there for a very quick trip soon and gonna be loading up on sauce piquante, boudin and gumbo as much as possible. The few days we’ll have will be way to short.

          1. Where are you visiting? If you’re going to be in Natchitoches or north, I’d be happy to meet up with you for a Walk with Jesus or a Sazarac 🙂 Or coffee. Or meat pie.

          2. I would but we will be near Lafayette and it will be a whirlwind trip for a wedding. Quick turn around back to Japan. We are staying just long enough for the jet lag to wear off then jumping back on a plane.

  1. Makes me happy to see that you are immersing yourself in the culture and surroundings; exploring and taking time out to enjoy Japan. Are you sure that “adult adoption” cannot happy through the military??? I mean, because, I’m available and stuff. Love you guys and thanks for posting these great adventures for me to share in.

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