Yes it’s time for a new wacky word!

Thanks to the very verbose Rants for the word:


From Websters:


adjective \in-ˈve-t(ə-)rət\

: always or often doing something specified

: always or often happening or existing

1 firmly established by long persistence <the inveterate tendency to overlook the obvious>
2 confirmed in a habit :  habitual <an inveterate liar>


Medical Definition of INVETERATE

1 marked by long duration or frequent recurrence <inveterate bursitis>
2 confirmed in a habit : habitual 2 <an inveterate smoker>


Middle English, from Latin inveteratus, from past participle of inveterare to age (v.t.), from in- + veter-, vetus old — more at wether

First Known Use: 14th century


Thanks again to Rants for the awesome word!

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