October Excursions – Part 2

The last tour we were on went to Nanadaru Hot Spring and Joren Waterfall. Joren Waterfall has quite a history, it was created by a volcanic eruption many lifetimes ago and is located on the Izu Peninsula. To get to the waterfall there are about 150 steps which going down is not so bad but going up takes a minute but the walk and climb is totally worth the effort.  It’s quite beautiful.

Joren 1 Joren 2The second photo is me bottling some water to take with me.  A Japanese friend of mine told me the people consider the water from here to be sacred and many fill jugs to take with them.  So I brought a couple of water bottles back.  Not sure what I’ll do with it but I have it.


We did have a taste and the water is so clear and wonderful.  This area is also one known for growing wasabi beside the river/creek running off from this waterfall.  I bought some wasabi stuff from there and it was so yummy!

Joren Wasabi 2 Joren Wasabi 1






Next we climbed up the stairs and made our way to the Nanadaru –  seven falls area where we did even more climbing towards 5 of the falls then we went back down south of the starting point where there is a hot spring area around the final two falls.


Seven Falls 120141019_112619






I won’t post all of the photos, they are beautiful but rather repetitive.

Of course I didn’t take photos in the hot springs, just didn’t seem right.


Along the way we came across my favorite flower, the Morning Glory or Asagao in Japanese.  This is the flower for September births, which is me and I’ve always loved it.  Running across them growing wild in Japan is extra special.

morning glory

The hot springs were amazing, truly lovely and relaxing.  One of them was right up by the waterfall to the point of the spray coming up over the wall of it and covering over it.  So, when sitting in the warm water the spray showers you and floats around.  It was really cool…oh and that water from the waterfall is COLD.


It was really a wonderful trip that worked my legs hard with all of the stairs we did but was well worth it.



Our next trip starts tomorrow!  We are heading to Kyoto for two nights where we will visit different temples see a special Maiko performance and stay at a Japanese hotel with tatami mat floors and futon beds.   More on that when we get back…stay tuned. 🙂

Until then…sayonara!







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