Typhoon Day Means Blog Day – Part 1

With a typhoon moving over us I figured this was a good time to get some blogging done and update y’all on what we have been up to here the last couple of months.  This post will be the first half, then post two will be the second half.  Breaking it up because there is so much to show you!

Fancy Box – I started subscribing to Fancy Box several months ago.  It’s a monthly box filled with usually 5 or 6 things from different craftsman/vendors.  Every month is a surprise and I just love getting them!

A lovely and very soft pillow, red nail polish, coasters and keyboard feet.


For my birthday in early September, the ladies I work with and my hairstylist (and her husband)  took me to dinner at an Izakaya in town.  It was great fun, the little room we had was set up like a little bar instead of a regular table.  The food was great and the company was fun and silly as always!  I couldn’t tell you what some of it was but it all tasted pretty good!  Had a great time that night!





20140904_180823 20140904_213425


Oh and Akiko (hairstylist – on the far left in the photo above) changed my stripe from red to purple.



The husband and I went to the FujiYoshida Fire Festival  which was a lot of fun!  It is the festival that marks the end of the Mt. Fuji climbing season, you can read more about it on the link above.  The actual ceremony at the Fuji Sengen Shrine was very moving and beautiful to watch.  To see a ceremony that has been done for ages was really a moment for me.  As always the street vendors were busy making their yummy food.

20140826_153835 20140826_153923 20140826_171640 20140826_171830 20140826_185439 20140826_185531 20140826_185600 20140826_190602   20140826_191255




September also brings the annual Ombudsman Appreciation Dinner, which was really nice and the COS and his wife brought me flowers.  Very sweet!

20140910_194611 20140910_195832 20140910_201824

Nice gifts at the dinner, it’s a really nice event they put on for us.

The husband
and I went for Okonomiyaki in town, it’s kind of between an omelet and a pancake.  The waiter helped start it then we had to finish cooking it.  Pretty good stuff.

20140913_122310 20140913_122421 20140913_122439 20140913_122514 20140913_122527 20140913_123935

I’m not very artistic with the sauce but there it is and it was delicious!


This is a good place to break, needless to say we are enjoying Japan’s culture so much, it’s going to be very difficult to leave.

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