Overseas to Overseas Part 3 -Southern Hospitality

Arriving in Louisiana from our whirlwind trip to the awesome Northeast was rather exhausting but I was still pretty amp'd up from all of the fun we had.  We would spend several days in the husband's home town which would include visiting family and friends and a fantastic small town Étouffée festival. The festival was … Continue reading Overseas to Overseas Part 3 -Southern Hospitality

Typhoon Day Means Blog Day – Part 1

With a typhoon moving over us I figured this was a good time to get some blogging done and update y'all on what we have been up to here the last couple of months.  This post will be the first half, then post two will be the second half.  Breaking it up because there is … Continue reading Typhoon Day Means Blog Day – Part 1

What Have I Done Lately?

Let's see...we went to Tokyo last weekend to watch a friend who does the score board for the local roller derby team.  I do enjoy watching these matches, these girls are tough and skilled.  It still feels kind of like an underground sport which has it's pros and cons.  Not a lot of people come … Continue reading What Have I Done Lately?