What Have I Done Lately?

Let’s see…we went to Tokyo last weekend to watch a friend who does the score board for the local roller derby team.  I do enjoy watching these matches, these girls are tough and skilled.  It still feels kind of like an underground sport which has it’s pros and cons.  Not a lot of people come out but you don’t have to fight crowds.  The girls come up with fun nicknames like Killa Cali and our friend who’s the score board girl dubbed herself Navy GaGa and she dressed the part (btw I hope Lady GaGa see’s this, it would be awesome if Lara (Navy GaGa) heard from you!)  Lara is a Sailor not a spouse of one:

20130518_105449 20130518_110300 navy gaga20130518_102641






After the match – which Yokosuka Sushi Rollers won!  woot!! – We headed over to Yoyogi Park for the One Love Festival (Jamaican) to see if we could get our hands on some reggae, jerk chicken and meat pies.   Well, we are quickly finding out these theme festivals are not the kind that draw true vendors or musicians out but they are held by Japanese people who appreciate the theme.  So, there was a form of reggae music but the stage we were watching was like an outdoor karaoke contest.  I actually found it rather entertaining but I think my husband wasn’t appreciating the Japanese version of Bob Marley songs. lol  There was the typical food vendors, noodles, different meat on a stick type things, and bbq.  A few stands had jerk chicken but as you can imagine the lines were very long for these.  We dug in and decided to take our chance with one of the long lines, hoping the food was worth it.  After about a 45 minute wait we got our food and made our way to a spot on the ground semi shaded to eat.  The combo plate we got was bbq thick cut bacon, chicken and a kind of sausage/hot dog thing oh and a slice of country ham type thing, then we added a side of jerk chicken.  We didn’t see the meat pies at the next vendor till we were in line here. 😦  The following is a part of my meal, I remembered to take a photo after I’d already plowed into most of it. lol

20130518_145054   I am finding that the Japanese really know how to do bacon!

The long piece on top was the thick cut bacon and it was amazingly yummy!





~I’m starting to appreciate the buildings in Tokyo, as we walk we run across some really unusual styles and I’ll try to capture them in a photo if I can remember, here are a couple on the way to the park:

20130504_114941 20130504_114946

~There is this place we were taken to when a friend was in town which we decided we like enough to go back a couple of times.  It’s what I call a Japanese raw buffet.  It’s a Yakiniku but the choices are incredible and quite good.  I think the name of the place is The Red Devil but I’m not sure.  There is an interesting mural on the wall as well.

20130512_19105920130512_190938  20130512_191118 20130512_191122











The first photo is me trying to capture the mural, the lighting is a bit in the way..

The second and fourth photos are the buffet.  They have a nice choice of vegetables including kiwi and eggplant!  and as you can see in the fourth photo a big choice of meat.

The third picture is focusing on what has become one of my husband’s and my favorite things to eat in Japan so far.  It’s like scrambled eggs but it has some batter in it that makes it slightly sweet and more of a cake consistency so it holds together even on the grill!  It’s quite good!

They also have a decent dessert bar as well.  This is all you can eat for 60 minutes (I think-might be 90 min).

~This weekend we are planning to run up to Yokohama to try to find a set of chopsticks we saw and foolishly did not purchase and possibly a neat set for my nephew who I am fairly sure has been taught to use them.  We got him a kid’s set but he’s experienced so I want to get him a real set as well.  His birthday is coming up.

2 thoughts on “What Have I Done Lately?

  1. That restaurant looks great! Where is it and how much does it cost?
    The egg thing has ground up slimy potato in it–that’s what gives it the spongy texture.

    1. It’s not far from the Womble (rear) gate to the base in Yokosuka, if you know where the Mister Donut is, it’s a block down from that on the 6th floor of the building. I believe it’s 2,500 yen per person.

      Oh and ew, didn’t need to know that slimy potato bit haha! I prefer to continue thinking it’s cake batter.

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