Sit Up Straight and Suck In Your Gut!

This was the initial reaction that hit me as I was innocently reading my email just now and a new message popped up:



“Le Clown is now following your blog”





Oh dear…*looks side to side*…

If you don’t know why I had this reaction you aren’t following Le Clown’s blog.  To me, he is a master blogger extraordinaire.

If you still haven’t gone to have a look, GO DO IT!

12 thoughts on “Sit Up Straight and Suck In Your Gut!

  1. Dupre,
    Lame ass Le Clown took three weeks to see this… Now my wife would say this isn’t surprising, as I can hardly find my way back home, ever. Glad to be here.
    Le Clown

      1. Dupre,
        Well it made my day. I had to share it on my personal Facebook. Thank you for that. When in Montreal, you let me know… We’ll do poutine.
        Le Clown

          1. Dupre,
            It’s good blogging etiquette, kudos on you for that. But you’re about to be pinged…
            Le Clown

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