Week One – Re-Charge

Time to get serious about being happy!

With a very self indulgent weekend behind me, (consisting of comfort food that made me feel sick, bloated and spiked my blood sugar, not leaving the apartment for two days, not cleaning up after myself and definitely not exercising AT ALL) it’s time to kick start my three week re-charge.

This Week Diana Rehab:

Yesterday, Monday, my kick start into the three weeks was calling a dear friend to get spiritually motivated then getting my hair done and being pretty has started. Being pretty to me means taking care of my skin, nails and hair, wearing clothes that are not so casual and smiling more.   This is also part of my Spiritual Renovation, in that my hope is it will help me to feel better about myself and walk a bit straighter.   This also consisted of walking in to town which got me off my arse after sitting on it for two days.

Today, I started the morning with a 15 minute meditation which I will do every morning – increasing the length.  It has been some time since I’ve sat quietly so I’m starting small and building up to full meditation during this challenge.  The meditation felt great although coming out of it felt a bit strange, I forget how relaxed the body gets.  Also, starting today I am cutting back on morning coffee.  Hoping to make a good decision for lunch then after work hitting the gym for some cardio.  When I get home I’ll work on abs and upper arms, then do laundry and clean the kitchen.  Salad for dinner maybe with some salmon or tuna.  Finish the day with a ritual/prayer and meditation before going to bed.  Today my ritual will be to strengthen and remember the reasons for the decision to remove certain people from my life.  People who give negativity and darkness have no place in my world.

Tomorrow, after dropping mail off I’m meeting with a friend after work then I will go grocery shopping and pick up a lot of fruits and vegetables and possibly some fish for the week and put a few things up on the walls to make this apartment feel more like a home.

Thursday and Friday will look a lot like the schedule for today but I may stop at the softball game to support our group and have some fun.

This weekend I think I’ll go find a botanical garden type place and have a nice long walk in nature before it gets too hot here and depending on the weather, it is the rainy season here.  I will also start implementing a couple of hours on weekends to dedicate towards learning Japanese, which I have not been working on.  I may also go visit a local home store to see what kinds of things they have and price tatami mats for our guest room.

Side note to keep an eye on:  I’ve been feeling a bit queasy the past couple of days off and on and hoping that’s just because I was eating so badly over the weekend.  Hopefully that will right itself with eating healthier and working out.

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