Diana’s Fit Club Diary – Entry 9

Quick Update:  I waited as long as I could until the new ink was almost completely healed before getting back to the gym.  It takes 7-10 days usually for the main heal process to complete.  I was prepared to wait, then my body started yelling at me after a few days of being idle.

Waking up Wednesday with a rather loaded bloody nose and headache was a sure sign of my blood pressure becoming a problem.  This used to happen quite often before I was diagnose hypertensive in 2011, then once I started on the medicine and exercising the headaches subsided and the bloody nose as well.

On Track:  So, I sucked it up for a couple more days as I still didn’t want to sweat yet…then yesterday I made my way back to the gym for a 20 minute elliptical and 10 minute stationary bike for a decent sweat and loss of about 300 calories.  It felt good to be back to aerobics after a bit of a hiatus.  Oh and I am happy to report my knee was not a problem, so glad that pain is subsiding!  It still twinges a little going down stairs.

Today’s Exercise:  Today, I will forego the gym because I have a lunch date with a friend and her beautiful little girl which will have us walking into town then when I get home I will do some crunches, pushups and maybe tricep dips.

Extra:  I may stop at the shops and pick up a Japanese beauty item to try, this will serve two purposes.  1.  Extend the walking and most of the makeup/beauty products are upstairs – so stairs and 2.  Indulgence!

Tracking:  I am happy to report that the 4 pounds I had lost last month stayed off.  Now that I am back in the exercising business I will stuff my humiliation and help motivate with reporting weight loss.  I am currently weighing in at 180 and on a good day that number dips to 178 (yes, my number fluctuates daily – which is why I have stretch marks, it is always moving up or down)  Let’s see where that goes!

Current Motivation:  We are going to Hawaii in a month or so and I want to be a size down for that trip and feel confident enough to hit the beach in a suit!

3 thoughts on “Diana’s Fit Club Diary – Entry 9

  1. I love your updates! Your accountability is amazing! I am making some time for blogging soon to catch up on my own accountability. I have canceled my gym membership in favor of working out with resistance bands at home, so far I have managed every day for 45 minutes to an hour and have been doing well in the building endurance. I’ve loving it. I don’t have to worry about making it to the gym and showering before work any more. I now have everything I need, except one kettle bell that I will pick up this week. The hiking has been amazing and life has taken a positive turn for both of us in the health department! I’m SO proud of you and your goals are being met and reset! GO DIANA GOOOOO!

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