London Snail Mail Package

No, I have not been to the United Kingdom…YET… But getting mail stamped Royal Mail is kinda cool and Union Jack represented!

air mail

You see, I have a pen pal there and she’s one of those people who come into your life and make you feel lazy and inspired.  She is super accomplished academically and is constantly moving and learning.  A newly achieved PhD in Medicine and trained on several instruments as well as ranging from somewhat to completely fluent in several languages.

We are new pals, only a few letters have Air Mail’d across the world so far and we have exchanged care packages.  Hers to me arrived today and I am so excited about it!

Everything inside was completely fun and spot on for me.

2015-07-20 20.52.33

Top:  Three London Underground buttons that went on my jean jacket promptly and a Postcard.

cropped uk buttons

Middle: Super cute small notebook with a pen, mirror compact and coaster set

Bottom:  London Bookmark, coin purse and London scene nail file

What a great way to start the week, I love getting surprise packages and to get one from England is incredibly fun!

5 thoughts on “London Snail Mail Package

  1. This is awesome! I had a pen pal from St. Petersburg Russia for about 12 years. He and his wife came to NYC when I first moved to New England and I was able to meet them face to face. When he returned to Russia, we wrote back and forth for another year or so and then I am not certain what happened, but he eventually stopped writing back and my last letter was returned. I think of him and his family often.

    1. I am enjoying it but we don’t write very often, maybe now that she has finished with University and is joining the workforce she’ll have more time to write. She’s been moving a lot and out of the country travelling too.

  2. What disappoints me about life these days, is that if you hand stuff in at the Post Office very often you don’t get it stamped with ‘traditional’ stamps…

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