The Result of Scoffing at My Cold

Well, I put my cold on the back burner to try to enjoy the holidays (I’ll do a post on our New Year celebrations soon) per my previous post and the following was the result:

Bronchitis – oh yes, the hacking, vile, disgusting, mucus-filled coughs that at one point had me vomiting and at other points had me pissing my pants.  Yes, I admit it.  It’s funny now, then it was not so funny.

I visited the doctor this morning and got my antibiotics so hoping this will clear up very quickly.  Took tomorrow off from work for the coughing to go away then back to the grind Wednesday.  Hopefully by this weekend I’ll be back to my old sarcastic, silly self.

When this clears up I will:

1.  Get back in the gym and hit it hard, my goal is another 30 pounds off in 2014 and the short term goal of fitting in one of my dresses again by April which is when our Submarine Ball kicks off.

B.  Get the house in order and start a daily habit of cleaning up more.

3.  Daily quiet time, hopefully becoming meditation hour.

d.  Cut Carbs a LOT and get a better grip on the sweets.

5.  Clear out the clutter and finish the guest room.

These are NOT resolutions, these are ongoing goals that I’m working on.  Being sick this past month has simply made it so it’s about the same time that I am reaffirming my goals.  I don’t like the new year’s resolutions, they seem to be doomed from the start.

Well then, Happy New Year to you and may 2014 serve you well.

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