I Scoffed at My Cold

Perhaps against my better judgement the husband and I went out yesterday.  It was a bit cold walking to the train station but I had a jacket and a very nice scarf wrapped around my neck keeping me warm.

The scarf was a gift to myself…kinda.  Thanks to Jasmine at Flux and Flow I was introduced to the phenomenon known as subscription boxes.  This is an indulgence that I am setting aside a little money every month for.  Basically, these websites offer a deal where you subscribe and pay once a month to their service and they send a box containing surprise things.  Some are for random arts and crafty things, some are for geeks and some are for cooks, etc.  Last month’s box contained this hand made and hand dyed scarf from somewhere like Malaysia ( I don’t recall exactly where) but it’s great!  Also, contained a very cool little wrap bracelet that is currently my favorite embellishment.

20131231_153757 20131231_153833-1

I’m completely hooked on getting a surprise box every month.  I’m not sure if Jasmine hooked me up or set me up but I’m thankful for it for now.  I recently told the husband that I’d keep working just so I could continue receiving surprise boxes.  Sometimes I am pacing a bit wondering when the next one will come and what it will contain.


So, if you have an extra $25-$50 laying around every month and love getting surprise gifts in the mail, think about a subscription box!  They also support small business and craftsmanship.

Back to my day out yesterday…We took the train to Yokohama to finish checking out World Porter.  The previous trip we were only able to check out the first 2 floors mostly so we wanted to see what else is there.  Then we went to Red Brick Warehouse for a beer basically.  Then back to the train and to shop a bit in Queen’s tower and Landmark Tower.  Another beer and we decided to go to The Hub for a drink and food – it was dinner time by now.  Half way through the appetizers we ordered the husband offered going for ramen down the street.  How could I say no!  Ramen, then back to the train and the walk from the station home.

20131230_113720 20131230_113726 20131230_170600 
The husband really likes beer.




This is the Ramen place








This place in World Porter is on our list of places to eat at:







And just for fun, you know those cheesy games with the arm, claw and stuffed animal toys you have to grab and drop?  In Japan, they have those for desserts:







To sum up, I had a great day with the husband out n about but  I am still trying to kick this cold.  We spent all day yesterday going in to very warm buildings and out to rather cold temps and wind.  I’m truly hoping I didn’t make this cold worse.  Sucking it up today to go to work then off to Tokyo tonight to bring in 2014 in style!

I may be a complete mess tomorrow.  We shall see!

Oh by the way, I brought Schnicely Kitteh with us yesterday so I may force her to post on her blog about it and tonight’s escapades, stop on by later if you want to see her complain…like she has it so bad, sheesh!


9 thoughts on “I Scoffed at My Cold

  1. I’ve never heard of subscription boxes– that sounds absolutely wonderful though. I’m a sucker for surprises… I’d much rather receive something random and mysterious than go out and buy something I want. Hmmm… will have to get my google on for this.

    1. Do it! Just remember, it’s an extravagance so only do them if you truly have that extra bit of money. I could see easily getting addicted and overindulging in this. haha! I get giddy when my husband walks in with a box now, truly stupid giddy.

      I’ve gotten stuff I wouldn’t use but I just give them someone as a gift. One box had an 8gb flash card which I have a few of so we gave it to my step-son for Christmas. Another had a glittery nail polish set that we gave to my step-daughter.

      Just search “subscription box” there’s lots of em.

        1. exactamundo my friend. =D I’m a complete idiot when the box comes. Jumping about clapping my hands and saying Yay!

          the best part is that so far the boxes have not disappointed.

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