“Nyuk Nyuk Nyuk”

Bill O’Reilly Turned Me Into Curly Howard


We tend to watch Bill during dinner and now n then he really frustrates me with his interruptions.  Now I get why he does it in some cases but then there’s times like tonight where he asks a question, follows up that he just doesn’t understand and his attorney guests try to explain it but he keeps interjecting his stupid comments and in the end all we figured out is nothing except what the original issue topic was.

Shut the hell up for a minute and listen to what these two legal “experts” are trying to break down for you and us!  I want to know why the Supreme Court thinks they can ban gay marriage in Utah too.

Not tonight I guess.

I stormed out of the room without being able to form an actual word and just managed something that sounds a bit like this:

Nyuk Nyuk Nyuk

Well, the hour is up so I guess his show is over, I can return to the living room with less fury than I left it.

6 thoughts on ““Nyuk Nyuk Nyuk”

  1. Agh, I haven’t watched his show in years– since I left the parent’s home– but I remember being like “AAAHHH! STOP TALKING!” I can’t stand interrupters.

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