Health Code Crusher

I have a new reality show suggestion:  Maybe call it "Health Code Crusher"   I want royalties if this is created.   You know all these restaurant renovation shows such as Restaurant: Impossible, Bar Rescue and Restaurant Takeover?  I would like to suggest that a health code organization track these shows and go do a surprise … Continue reading Health Code Crusher

“Nyuk Nyuk Nyuk”

Bill O'Reilly Turned Me Into Curly Howard We tend to watch Bill during dinner and now n then he really frustrates me with his interruptions.  Now I get why he does it in some cases but then there's times like tonight where he asks a question, follows up that he just doesn't understand and his … Continue reading “Nyuk Nyuk Nyuk”

Blog Success To Do List

Why is it,  professional blogger people, that once you become super popular and well liked you end up bringing in guest bloggers to showcase on your blog?  I appreciate to some extent that you are opening a door for their blog to become more successful but seriously, I just want to read your thoughts thus … Continue reading Blog Success To Do List