Health Code Crusher

I have a new reality show suggestion:  Maybe call it “Health Code Crusher”


I want royalties if this is created.


You know all these restaurant renovation shows such as Restaurant: Impossible, Bar Rescue and Restaurant Takeover?  I would like to suggest that a health code organization track these shows and go do a surprise health inspection 6 – 9 months after the show leaves the restaurant which is likely about when it airs, I’m guessing.

Some of these restaurant owners and managers should be shut down not rehabbed.  I would be willing to put money down that they let the place go again and let their food go to shit again.  An Italian from New Jersey should know how to make a pizza and a restaurant owner should know when a mushroom is rancid.

You don’t know why nobody comes to your place?  Really?  I cry BULLSHIT!

Almost every one of these places have let their restaurants go with dirt, filth, grime, grease, ripped booths, dust hanging from light fixtures.  The food sucks, the portion sizes are too big, etc.  If they didn’t care about it before I seriously doubt they are going to care after.  Likely, they are just in it for the free new place and hoping for more business from the exposure.

Rant over, send me a message for my address on where to send the royalty checks.


10 thoughts on “Health Code Crusher

  1. I agree. My husband told me that you used to be able to learn “the rest of the story” on Food Network’s website, and then they stopped sharing the stories. He thinks it’s because so many of the restaurants still failed after the intervention.

  2. I haven’t seen American TV in a long time … I don’t know about those restaurant shows.

    The only American TV shows I’ve seen recently is “Prison Break” and “The Walking Dead”.

  3. Ha! Yikes. I haven’t seen any of these shows but I feel like most shows that are built on a platform of “we will show up and fix your life in a one hour segment” probably have really awful retention periods for that frenzied success.

    1. Indeed, the whole give me 2 days and I’ll completely change your restaurant, fix your marriage and slap your chef around until he either figures out how to cook well or quits. It’s a miracle! and now everything is fixed forever! Yay!


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