Weekend of Champions

Last week I saw a link to this:  Kit Kat Store

The husband and I decided this was a great reason to jump on the train to Tokyo Saturday to investigate and stop for some ramen on the way – always a bonus!



We went back to Ramen Street outside the Shinagawa train station to try another place.  Finally, I found a spicy ramen that had me sweating.  Well done guys!  The waiter who helped us order was very unsure of me ordering the spicy one, he kept asking, you sure?  Yes, I am!  Bring it on …like Donkey Kong!  It didn’t disappoint but was really tasty too!  We were seated eating ramen, sweating and excited to see what all the different flavors of Kit Kat we would find at this new store.












Quite a few of these Ramen shops have very vocal staff.  The wait staff and the cooks yell enthusiastically at each other.  One day I’ll be able to translate what they are yelling.  It’s kinda fun though.  One of the cooks in this place had us snickering with his jubilant responses.

Then we were off to find this Kit Kat Store.  A couple of train stops later and we were walking around a train station we had not been to yet (which is always kinda fun for me).  We eventually found the place:

20140118_151928This was the line outside waiting to get in.  My husband dutifully holding our spot.  As we inched forward we found out that this is not a “store” but more like a counter in a pastry department.  There were only three flavors being offered, one of which we had already tried previously and one they were already sold out of.



So, we bought the two:  Chili and Sakura Green Tea


It was a bit of a disappointment but I will perhaps keep an eye on it to see what other flavors they bring in for the next season.









From there we decided to go have a drink at The Hub and decided since we were all the way up in Tokyo, we might as well do something else before the 2 hour train ride home.  We made our way to the electronics district.  This was not exactly what I was expecting.  We will maybe need to go back again to see if we missed something.  Seemed like most of the shopping there was for figurines and collection/model type stuff.   I did pick up a figurine for my desk at home, she’s my tough girl.

tough girl




Sunday we decided to cave in and buy a Keurig coffee machine.  I’m still getting used to it.  Before I was a bit spoiled, the husband always woke up before me so the coffee would be ready and waiting when I got up.  Now, I have to make my own.

I will get used to it.



Monday morning at 5:00 am I was wide awake gearing up for a very stressful football game but my Denver Broncos kicked some ass on the field!  We are going to the Super Bowl!  Wooooot!


Also, I found out that one of my very favorite people on this planet bought her plane ticket to come visit this summer!  I’m really excited !

It was a nice weekend and I’m glad to finally be feeling much better …minus the slight cough that lingers and the creaky shoulder I’m suffering from currently.

Feeling old today.


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