Blog Success To Do List

Why is it,  professional blogger people, that once you become super popular and well liked you end up bringing in guest bloggers to showcase on your blog?  I appreciate to some extent that you are opening a door for their blog to become more successful but seriously, I just want to read your thoughts thus the follow of your blog.

I have a list of bloggers I watch and honestly I don’t have time or energy to expand the list right now.

There are blogs set up specifically to showcase different bloggers rotating through which are fantastic and I’m extremely fortunate to be following those couple of sites.  This blog type is perfect to use instead of the guest blogger.

Enough with the guest blogging.

I say this and yet in a few months I will probably open up a page for guests myself.

NO!  I will resist and keep my blog only my thoughts!

6 thoughts on “Blog Success To Do List

    1. I suppose, just had a whine for a bit. Mostly, I’m a worrier so when bloggers step back and start letting others post on their blog I worry something is wrong. Strange I know but it’s just my way.

  1. So far, none of my pages have showcased guest bloggers, but if they did, I just would skip it. I’m with you, I could care less what their guest blogger has to say, hahah.

    I also don’t get selfies in the front seat of a car.

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