Diana’s Fit Club Diary – Part 2 Entry 3 – Update & Goals

Went to the doctor this week and got my lab results:

A1C came in at 6.2 – this is slightly higher than my previous test which was 6.1 but not as high as I thought it might be.  I haven’t been watching my sugar/carb intake as well as I should have but I have been exercising much more regularly so apparently that was enough to keep my number down.

Blood Pressure at the appointment was 111 over 65.  I am at a point of asking the doctor if she thinks it would be ok to come off the medication for my hypertension.  My numbers have been pretty low for a while now.  Yay!

Cholesterol is in good shape but I think I need to stay on the meds for that.  When I took a break from them earlier this year my numbers shot up pretty high.

Weight is lingering around the same number but honestly I’m kinda just happy I haven’t put any on with the amount of food I’ve been eating.  Been pigging out a lot lately.

Exercise has consisted of:

I went to the Les Mills Body Flow workout and it was ok but I think my age is showing, the lady had pop music blaring at us the whole time, except the very end when it switched to blaring meditation music.  Not very relaxing and in the middle of the meditation the lights turned off which surprised me right out of the relaxing moment. The instructor had to stop everything half way through to consult her notes, she forgot the program.  This was a couple of weeks ago and no I haven’t been back.  I might go again but I’m bringing my own yoga mat (the one there was stinky).  The second and longer routine is supposed to be better so I may give that a go.

Also, about 3 times per week I have been doing yoga at home.  This I am really enjoying though it’s showing me how tight and unbalanced I am currently.  Progress soon.  It’s really amazing how a slow moving yoga routine can really work the muscles and produce a good sweat.

On a slight side note but still under the health category, I’ve not been sleeping well since my friend went missing.  Need to work this out somehow before it starts really taking a toll on me physically.  I’m already fighting off lethargy and I’m guessing that is the root of the problem.

All in all, I need to get it into gear and really get into the habit of some kind of exercise daily…except the one day every month that I really can’t be asked to move…Ladies will understand that day.

Fit Club goals for the next 2 months:

  • Cardio 3-4 times per week
  • Yoga 3-4 times per week
  • Body Flow 1-2 times per week – if I can stomach the blaring music and idiot instructor.  OR I am also considering Muay Thai classes.
  • Get my portions back under control and re-establish my healthy breakfast and lunches.  I was doing great for a bit but have slid some.

In December I will be unemployed so I’ll restructure my exercise routine a bit then.  Also, will incorporate more day trips to explore bits of Japan I haven’t seen yet and/or revisiting areas I love so the step counter will come in handy there.

Summary:  Numbers are good but not where I want all of them to be yet so I need to focus more and stop being so indulgent.  Stop the excuses for not working out.

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