Internal Bullet Points

The last few weeks haven’t given me much to blog about with regards to what my blog really centers around –  travel, food, etc.  So, I thought I’d just put my internal conversations down and my thoughts often come off a bit bullet point-ish.  Just a warning to those that actually read my stuff, things bounce around inside my head a lot so there will likely be no flow to this post.

> We went on a day trip this last Sunday to a waterfall area that we had visited last year so I have already shared about that here.

>  I will be stepping down from my Ombudsman position in October.  It will be quite strange to not be Ombudsman to the command for the remainder of our time in Japan. I’m used to being recognized as such.  It will be very different.

>  Also, this week I will be giving notice at my job.  They ask for 60 days at least to find a replacement so I’m doing it now and my last day will be December 15th.  This will give me a couple of months to get last minute travel and soak up as much of Japan as possible before we move.

To be unemployed again will be nice in the sense of free days but not having my own income will kinda suck.  I am kicking around the idea of working from home again but I’ll have to search for the right position and it may mean training, we shall see.  The prospect of a new job in a new area though has it’s positive side.  Meeting people and being able to pick some brains about the area is nice.  Plus it helps in the making friends realm usually.  If I work from home, maybe I’ll volunteer somewhere so I still have the social aspect of a workplace.

>  There’s no update on my missing friend which just seems to weigh down on me constantly.  The idea that life continues when something like that has happened and still is happening seems wrong to me.  I understand there’s likely nothing more anyone can do but there’s a part of me that thinks I should have jumped on a plane and be there searching the mountain and surrounding areas for her and pushing the officials to continue till they find something. To continue questioning the people she was camping with.  It just doesn’t make sense that there is no sign of her anywhere.  How does a person just disappear without a trace?  And the continuation of life around me just has my emotions raw and energy level is drained.   Living so far away sometimes completely sucks.  Regarding My Friend Mary, thank you for all of the thoughts and prayers.

On a very personal note and a very selfish thought, this loss has taken a toll on me in another way.  I keep a fairly small circle of people who have influenced and help(ed) shape who I am and who I want to be and the living sector of this circle is getting quite small.  These are people who live life in a positive and very active way.  I may reflect more on this and friendship in another post, it’s something that I’m focusing on right now and it’s rather distressing to me.

There’s also a lingering sadness that she went missing on my birthday and she had emailed me that day to wish me a happy one…but my brain is not prepared to fully take that thought on yet.

>  In all of the mess of the above, my parents had their wedding anniversary (which I failed to congratulate them on – bad daughter) and sounds like they enjoyed a few days of fun.  I give my Mom credit, at over 80 years old she’s just had knee replacement and though the recovery is incredibly difficult she’s pushing through and toughing it out like a champ.  Hang in there!  When it’s healed you’ll be running marathons … of sorts.

>  Did my lab work last week and waiting for the results.  I have a bad feeling my A1C will be higher this time, I haven’t been very careful lately with watching what I eat but I have been working out more so there’s a chance it’s still an ok number but I’m preparing myself for 6.5.  Hopefully will get the results today.  On the positive, my annual dental exam was a win, no cavities or issues.

>  The next trip we are preparing for is to Hiroshima.  This will be a nice trip but a somber one and it’s an all night drive in a tour bus so that may suck.

>  Autumn is here, I think days of 80+ degree temperatures are gone for the year and this does make me happy.  Back to boots, sweaters and berry toned lipsticks.  I do have to hold myself back from buying new clothes and such for Winter though, with our move to Hawaii coming we won’t be needing cold weather clothes so…for this year I will be wearing what I have and tossing a lot before the move.  Keeping only a few sweaters and such.  This will be a huge clothingdownsizing, yes I’m getting rid of a lot of it.  The main reason is I am focusing on the next time I need cold weather clothes I’ll be a completely different body and nothing I own now will fit me then…not to mention I’ll be due for a style update.

That’s a fairly positive spot to end on don’t you think?

P.S.  My apologies for no photos on this one, it’s not my usual style but I have to run off and get ready for work so… no photos!

2 thoughts on “Internal Bullet Points

  1. Hi, new to your blog so not familiar with the background – yet – but reading this I want to wish you strength regarding the disappearance of your friend. How awful is that?! Hang in, we never know what’s up next, so there is always hope. And congrats to your mom, from a fellow knee-sufferer! Take care.

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