Internal Bullet Points

The last few weeks haven't given me much to blog about with regards to what my blog really centers around -  travel, food, etc.  So, I thought I'd just put my internal conversations down and my thoughts often come off a bit bullet point-ish.  Just a warning to those that actually read my stuff, things … Continue reading Internal Bullet Points

Random Moments of Existence

That moment when you realize you misspelled something in your blog url. Existance = Existence                         What was I thinking?  or...was it a Freudian type error?   Is my existence set?  No edit button or backspace?  Not bothering to spell check before taking a next step? I used to pride myself on being a stickler for punctuation, … Continue reading Random Moments of Existence

Funeral Funk – The Aftermath

My very kind, funny and lovely Aunt Jennie is at rest...wait...somehow that doesn't seem to fit her.  She was a vivacious, outgoing woman who always had cookies ready in case anyone wanted to come visit.  I think she's likely cooking up a storm wherever she is and inviting everyone in. The funeral was nice, as … Continue reading Funeral Funk – The Aftermath