Funeral Funk – The Aftermath

My very kind, funny and lovely Aunt Jennie is at rest…wait…somehow that doesn’t seem to fit her.  She was a vivacious, outgoing woman who always had cookies ready in case anyone wanted to come visit.  I think she’s likely cooking up a storm wherever she is and inviting everyone in.

The funeral was nice, as funerals go I suppose.  Kind words about a nice lady and tears marking the loss.  Lots of family I had no idea I had were there and everyone seemed to know who I was….Jean’s daughter.

Ah the mortality that hits, it still strikes me a little odd how we, generally as humans (obviously not everyone but the majority I think)  feel after a funeral.  Looking over our lives and gauging how we feel we’ve done so far and working out what we need to be doing to improve ourselves.  Weighing things we normally might not consider much.  Do we have regrets and if so is it anything we can change at this point?  Then after a few days of this we resume the natural course of our lives, not really changing much that we deemed needed work and returning to the random existence we normally walk.

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