Random Moments of Existence

That moment when you realize you misspelled something in your blog url.

Existance = Existence                        

What was I thinking?  or…was it a Freudian type error?   Is my existence set?  No edit button or backspace?  Not bothering to spell check before taking a next step?

I used to pride myself on being a stickler for punctuation, spelling, grammar, etc.   At some point did I just stopped looking so closely and simply moving without much thought or direction?  Or is it something so simple as expecting auto spell check to handle it for me with technology where it is that I don’t even bother looking anymore?

Perhaps this is a new Diana, one who doesn’t worry about the little things anymore and at some point spelling and such found their way into the little thing category.  Is this an improved, less worrisome me or a failing, lazier me?  Is lazier a word?  I don’t have the will to look it up.

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