Iwakuni, Miyajima Island and Hiroshima

Our latest adventures took us to Iwakuni, Miyajima Island and Hiroshima.  This was a scheduled tour through the base and included a very long bus ride there and back.

We left around 10:00 pm and arrived around 8:00 am, yep all night drive.  No, we didn’t get much sleep but we pushed through and really enjoyed the rather whirlwind trip as much as possible.

2015-10-10 09.45.19 2015-10-10 09.52.41 2015-10-10 09.55.05

Caves are Cool

We stopped at a very cool cave which was pretty dark inside (duh) so I don’t have interior photos.  I didn’t want to be that irritating tourist flashing a camera shot in the awesome cave.  It was a great way to stretch our legs and enjoy some nature after being cooped up in a bus all night.

Then we were off to a notable bridge in Iwakuni:  Kintai Bridge

2015-10-10 13.32.35 2015-10-10 13.32.42 2015-10-10 13.40.46 2015-10-10 13.41.25 2015-10-10 13.46.12

Pretty impressive and the water is so clear and beautiful.  We walked across it then up to the cable car to the top of the hill and Iwakuni Castle.  Which, oddly I didn’t take photos of but we enjoyed the walk to it.

Then we were off to Hiroshima:

2015-10-10 17.54.53

The view from our hotel room, not too shabby.  The next morning we enjoyed a huge buffet breakfast then got on a ferry to Miyajima Island.

2015-10-12 06.13.43
The breakfast buffet was amazing. So much great food, the Japanese really do breakfast so well. We had a nice view too!
2015-10-11 09.48.30
View from the ferry, the things in the water are oyster farms.
2015-10-11 10.18.39
The “floating” Torii Gate..an obligatory photo when visiting this island.
2015-10-11 10.19.22
The husband looking accomplished, this was a check off of his Things Left To Do In Japan list.
2015-10-11 10.24.42
It’s closer to shore than I thought. I love the stone lanterns in Japan.
2015-10-11 10.30.46
The shrine and pagoda which the torii gate is for.
2015-10-11 10.37.27
The husband being silly taking a selfie of me taking a selfie.
2015-10-11 11.21.35
On the island there is a temple which had a lot of different symbols, idols, and such. We actually found a Christian Saint Michael among them. Odd?
2015-10-11 11.14.44
Just loved all of the different statues.
2015-10-11 10.35.46
Another odd thing (to me), in the distance behind the Shinto Torii Gate you can see a large white structure, our tour guide said what sounded like Mormon but I think she must have said something else because we saw Buddhas on the building. Anyone know what this structure/compound is? We are super curious.

Miyajima was a great day trip, the shopping and food there was outstanding.  The area is known for their maple leaf and had yummy treats in the shape of leaves.  Also, deer roam freely on the island and are quite bold.  They walk right up and say hello.

From here we went to Hiroshima Peace Park and the memorials.  This was a very somber walk and very personal, emotional afternoon.  I didn’t take any photos, didn’t seem right.  This is one case where you definitely have to go to know.

Instead I will post a photo essay of the amazing offerings from the breakfast buffet:

2015-10-12 06.59.02 2015-10-12 06.59.16 2015-10-12 06.59.32 2015-10-12 06.59.47 2015-10-12 07.00.10 2015-10-12 07.00.25 2015-10-12 07.00.37 2015-10-12 07.00.44 2015-10-12 07.00.53
2015-10-12 07.01.192015-10-12 07.01.032015-10-12 07.01.282015-10-12 07.01.40

This isn’t everything but a good idea of what was offered.  Breaking it down: Different breads, biscuits, muffins, fresh fruits, stewed root veggies, miso and corn soup, scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, pancakes, salmon (baked and smoked), sushi, salad fixings, eggs hard or soft boiled, noodle station, rice, and more.

On our way back we stopped at Himeji Castle:

2015-10-12 12.05.04 2015-10-12 12.05.16 2015-10-12 12.05.55 2015-10-12 12.16.49

Himeji is quite beautiful and very photogenic but it was also built to be Super Defensible.  The entries are very small, there are holes to shoot and throw rocks/hot water down on invaders and secret exits.  It was a cool stop!

Close to the bus was a convenience store with these flowers outside … they were so bright!

2015-10-12 14.32.27 2015-10-12 14.32.32 2015-10-12 14.32.47

So there you have our four day quick trip south.  I am so glad we did this trip, it was kind of a must for us.

A few days after our return we jumped on a plane to Guam.  Not much to say about that, it was rainy and meh.  We had one decent day to play in the ocean so that was good but I don’t need to go back.

4 thoughts on “Iwakuni, Miyajima Island and Hiroshima

  1. Miyajima was my first Japanese day trip! I think I’d only been there a few days.

    I did take a few pictures at the Hiroshima Peace Park, but oh, that feeling. Laughter died on my roommate’s and my lips as we stepped into the park. That feeling. There’s a boundary you cross while walking, and the feeling … it’s strong, and somber.

    So good to go back through these pictutes.

    1. Yes, instant somber mood and a feeling hard to explain. My husand took some photos, I just didnt feel the need personally.

      Glad to be able to bring you back to Miyajima. 🙂

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