Another Bullet Point List

I have posts I want to put up about things like the holiday a few days ago and such but man there is so much going on right now I can’t seem to sit down to sort it out.


  • Our orders are not solid yet so we are not sure where we are headed in a few months.  Hoping this gets worked out in the next week or so.
  • My friend, Abby, and her family are leaving Japan this week and I’m gonna miss her being here.  Our friendship has made the last 2.5 years even more special.
  • Work is rather nuts right now with staff changes including trying to wind down my own time there.   I will be pulling more hours too which kinda sucks but kinda is nice, the extra pay will help with Lucky Bag purchases at New Years and for holding me over till we move … wherever.
  • Delayed Honeymoon about to commence.  We never really had a honeymoon unless you count the couple of days after our drive-thru wedding in Las Vegas so we are making our Thailand trip a little special and exciting.  That is very soon!
  • After that, a big concert weekend that is looking to be EPIC!
  • Christmas magic is starting!  The movies are out and I am about to break out the music!
  • I had a bit of scare from my gynecologist labs and had a more intensive procedure done to make sure everything was ok….Everything is ok.
  • As of today I am no longer Ombudsman for the command and that feels a little weird but nice to not have that to worry about during the end of our time in Japan.


That’s the short list.  Honestly, none of it or the combination of it all is stressing me out really, it’s just so much in my head that I can’t seem to focus on any one thing.

I think after the upcoming trip and hopefully orders waiting for us when we return things will calm down a bit and I’ll share a bit of the spiritual aspect of my weekend along with the wicked awesome meal I conjured up on Samhain (the site on this link explains it some).  A little hint is that my intent for the next year of self-improvement is going to center around “focus” in many forms.

I hope you enjoyed Halloween, in whatever form you celebrate it or just the turning of the month if you don’t celebrate it at all.  Autumn is in full swing and it feels wonderful!

Hanging tight, this ride is getting a bit crazy!


“The game has its ups and downs, but you can never lose focus of your individual goals and you can’t let yourself be beat because of lack of effort.”

Michael Jordan

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