On Ho’s, Roads, Ramps and Foes

While living in Japan I started following a motto I created "Ya Gotta Go To Know" which basically means to me to go experience things, don't just read about them or live through someone else's adventure.  With that in my heart I went for a drive by myself yesterday, the first time in Italy, and … Continue reading On Ho’s, Roads, Ramps and Foes

Week 1 in Japan

                  To be honest, it isn't your typical first week living in a new place.  Since we are Navy we have had to go through a week of orientation which has taken up most of our days.  Also, for probably the first time in my life I … Continue reading Week 1 in Japan

T Minus 42 Hours and Counting!

Yes, it's that close to move day!  T Minus 42 Hours and Counting for our flight to Japan! We spent the last two weeks traveling to visit family in Arizona, Louisiana and Texas and now we are back in San Diego doing last minute calls to credit cards and planning our final meals in America...until … Continue reading T Minus 42 Hours and Counting!