T Minus 42 Hours and Counting!

Yes, it’s that close to move day!  T Minus 42 Hours and Counting for our flight to Japan!

We spent the last two weeks traveling to visit family in Arizona, Louisiana and Texas and now we are back in San Diego doing last minute calls to credit cards and planning our final meals in America…until we come back to visit at least. lol

The diabetic diet has been put on hold for now, hopefully the universe will understand and not punish me for a couple of weeks of not so healthy eating.  The husband and I have vowed once we are in Japan to do our very best to eat well and get back on track with exercising as well.

Tomorrow will be a hectic day, I’m just hoping we don’t forget to do anything.  We have lists but that can fail.  Oh!  I’m getting a final hair cut and color tomorrow too.  Going all black, no more fun color pieces, have to find some kind of job in Japan and don’t want to limit myself because of strange hair. lol

A friend we had lunch with today said I’m in for a culture shock, I think pleasant surprise fits better. 🙂

If I have time I’ll get in a final blog before closing down tomorrow night.

If not….I’ll catch y’all from Japan!

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