My Seed Work

imageMy Seed Work

(some of this is borrowed from my friend Shirley)

I celebrate the following Sabbats:

  1. Yule – December 21, 2013
  2. Imbolc – February 2
  3. Ostara (a/k/a spring equinox or vernal equinox) – March 20, 2013
  4. Beltane (a/k/a May Day) – May 1
  5. Midsummer (a/k/a Litha, summer solstice) – June 21, 2013
  6. Lughnasadh (a/k/a Lammas) – July 30
  7. Mabon (a/k/a Autumnal Equinox)– September 22, 2013
  8. Samhain (a/k/a Halloween) – October 31

This year I am focusing more on my spiritual evolution. For a few different reasons I have let it slack off but it’s time to get back into the swing of it and go further then ever before. This structured Seed Work is much like the New Year’s Resolution idea in that the idea is to search yourself for something you want to improve upon or even just focus in on for the cycle of the year. Each of the above stops during the year has a different element adding to the work to be focused on.

By February 2nd I had my finished thought on what I’ll be working on this year. There are two facets of myself I will be focusing on. They are somewhat related to each other.

First is I want to see the true good in other people, specially those I don’t agree or get along with. Find the humanity and decency in those who normally I would put aside for the negativity their presence brings to me. I wish to be more charitable with my view of those whose personality clash with mine.

Second, I want to improve my posture. In embracing the positive in myself and others I hope the effect will be the I stand taller and straight. I will also conciously work on straightening my spine and grounding myself more firmly to the earth.

February 2nd was the start for the work. It’s a holiday called Imbolc. The old ways follow the harvest and on this day we plant the new seeds into the soil. Metaphorically this day I started my own seed work by carrying a mantra my friend helped me come up with to help remember and focus on my objectives. All day I am reminding myself. This is watering the seed and helping it to grow.  Every time I stand up I remind myself to ground my feet to the earth and stretch my boost straight to the sky.

As the year moves I will do different things to ensure my work in progressing. I’m planning to blog this though its highly personal for me. It will help me keep focus.

Because of my current situation of moving across the world, I have my mantra on my phone and on my bookmark which I see often. I will spread it more as I go and find things that I see daily.

My seed is “this year I will be open to the humanity in all people and will honor myself with a firm foundation on which to build myself”.

You are welcome to follow along and offer suggestions and advice.

For background on my spiritual “evolution” please see the page:

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