Book 83, 84 and Finally number 85

Emma Goldrick’s “My Brother’s Keeper”

Again I find myself having difficulty getting into the story simply because neither character seemed that attractive to me.  I wonder if I am actually just shallow in this way.  Otherwise, a decent story of rather unlikely love coming to be.

Michelle Reid’s “A Question of Pride”

Ah the office affair that was supposed to stay easy but gets VERY complicated.  I loved this story.  I liked this male character’s turn into being a responsible adult.


Reader’s Digest Condensed Books:  1. Mary Higgins Clark’s “Let Me Call You Sweetheart”, 2. Clancy Carlile’s “Children of the Dust”, 3. Harry Stein’s “Magic Bullet” and 4. Dorothy Gilman’s “Mrs. Pollifax and the Lion Killer”.

  1.  “…Sweetheart”:  Great story, I love this author.  One of the ones I forget how much I like until I read them again.  Good mystery and drama with a little romance.
  2. “..Dust”:   An interesting southern story, was not painful to read.  Good characters and interactions.
  3. “…Bullet”:  Scientific drama that is gripping and exciting though a bit “tech-bookish” ..fed my geek side well.
  4. “Lion Killer”:  Hated it.  Ok hate is a bit strong but this one was painful to read.  The last few pages were ok but the lead up was excruciating for me.   I could however, see a 70 year old woman who didn’t travel much in life truly enjoying this.

And that completes the romance novel marathon!

I’ll start a new page for reviewing books as I read them.

Thanks for following!

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