Book 78, 79, 80, 81, 82

Jane Corrie’s “Bride for Sale”

The hardest pill to swallow in this story is the age difference depicted in the front photo.   I didn’t find him that much older in the story but the front photo has him looking like her Grandfather.  Not a bad story, it held my interest.  The arranged married idea modernized added some humor to it.

Robin Donald’s “A Bitter Homecoming”

This guy was rather irritating with his nastiness towards her, I wanted her to punch him sometimes.  I’ve ridden out hurricanes before and they aren’t fun but I’d ride one out with this guy any day. 🙂

Alexandra Scott’s “Love Comes Stealing”

Enjoyable story line, the hardest part for me in this was getting past the 80’s wardrobe descriptions, they just sounded funny to me but back then we looked awesome didn’t we!!?

Emily Spenser’s “Where Eagles Soar”

Ah finally a self sufficient woman, strong with her convictions and taking life on … falling in love with a man who appreciates her.  Great adventurous story.

Jacqui Baird’s “Dark Desiring”

Dangerous Italian Men!  Again we have a large age gap which is a bit hard to swallow but the story was fun and kept me reading.  I wasn’t sure if he really had feelings for her or not, the author kept that well under wraps.

Final two books are:  Michelle Reid’s “A Question of Pride” and Emma Goldrick’s “My Brother’s Keeper”

final books

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