Have a new tattoo to show off, didn’t hurt too much but I did grimace a few times during it.  Took about 2 hours.

Why put permanent art on my body?  Well, each tattoo I have has special meaning behind it and they tend to remind me what is most important.  Each one has a deep rooted thought behind it and sitting in a chair and bearing the pain of the needles and the discomfort of not moving for long periods makes it more meaningful.  It just adds an aspect that is difficult for me to explain.  I think you have to sit through one to truly understand.


This is my most recent one.  In fact it’s still healing.  I got it January 26, 2013

Morning Glory is the flower that is attached to my zodiac sign, Virgo,  and birth month of September.  I had the artist make the vine part slightly sinister, darker than it normally would look.  We went with black and grey for that instead of the green vine it truly is on the plant.  The Morning Glory has duality that intrigues me and tends to surface often in my life.  It is a beautiful flower yet if ingested it is poisonous.  It also is a vine that tends to take over, some people consider it a weed because it can be a nuisance.  Sounds fitting to me.  haha!


My older ink include: 

A Fleur de lis behind my neck.  fleur de lis  The middle bar is blue, the rest is black and grey.  I got this one March, 2011, the day before I moved away.  The boyfriend and I agreed we needed to split up but we had a lot of respect for each other.  He is Cajun and his family is wonderful.  I got this tattoo to honor the Cajun influence.  (by the way, we got back together and are married now =P ).  This photo was taken at the shop, still very angry skin lol.  The blue is the same ink my husband used in the tattoo he got that day.

Two red roses on my right shoulder blade.  The first, upright rose is my first tattoo, I got this many years ago and the guy didn’t do a very nice job of it, solitude and strength I appreciate in the single rose.  I added the second rose in 2005, it lies on it’s side just under the upright rose.  I got this one after my brother died.  It is for him.


This photo isn’t very clear but there they are.



Lastly, (for now that is) I have two lightening bolts on my left hip.  This is one that is difficult for me to explain so I tend to give the short, funny reason rather than the lengthy real one. lol  for this blog I’ll spell it out.  Since I was a teenager I was a HUGE X-Men (comic books) fan and to narrow down more, Storm was my favorite mutant.  She commanded the weather and nature.  Deeper meaning?  Yes, it was her inner strength of overcoming different obstacles in her life and her take charge attitude that I found  find myself channeling or at least hoping to during different times in my life.  When I feel the need to dig deep, it’s Storm I think of.  Silly?  Maybe but it’s where my head was is.To post this photo I have to channel Storm as the tattoo bled some so the color didn’t saturate completely plus you will see my fleshy hip >.<

Please excuse the band mark from my shorts =P bolts original2



Tattoos that are on the waiting list are:

1.  Valknot  on my back, behind my heart.   This is a Viking symbol, the story is that warriors fighting under Odin where this symbol signifying that as a warrior they are prepared to die with Odin deems it time.  This is very meaningful to me for many reasons.  If I get this tattoo perhaps I’ll blog about the deeper symbolism for me.


I’ll likely do it black and grey.


2.  Possibly a sweep of leaves from my right hip up the right park of my back.  This one is a recent idea, still thinking it through.  I just freaking love autumn leaves.  They are beautiful and often a theme in my life.  Our wedding reception will be autumn leaf themed and it’s my favorite time of year.  The end of the season, time to reflect, consider those souls passed on, prepare for winter and begin the thought process of what to do better next year.

leaves tat

Kind of like this but more from the lower side of the hip sloping up to maybe the middle of the back, not all the way across.



3.   While in Japan I want to get a bamboo and cherry blossoms on my right bamboo-tattoo2arm.  Pretty obvious reasons I suppose.  We are moving there for 3 years, but I also absolutely love the history and culture there.  The Japanese have incredible respect for themselves and each other, they are humble and treat others wonderfully.  They also have a great respect for tradition and spirituality.

Kind of like this but maybe not as dark.

4.  A hawk, not sure where I want to put it.  The Hawk is just a cool freakin animal. hawk Bird of prey are amazing to me.  I suppose if you believe in such things you might think the Hawk is my spirit guide.  The grace and ferociousness of their method of hunting is awe inspiring.

Not sure what stance I want or spread wings.

5.  Horses.  I’m considering this, not sure if I’ll go through with it.  It will take some work to make it look asthetically pleasing as well as showing the respect they deserve.  I want to have the Ford Mustang together with the Denver Bronco.  Completely different than the others above?  Maybe, but you see I have a Mustang GT and I love this car.  It’s gorgeous, fun, fast, small, mean and durable.  I’ve also been a Broncos fan since bronco logo2006_Ford_Mustang_V6_Pony_1600x1200_02the 1980’s and the old emblem they used would just look cool next to the Mustang I think.


That’s it so far, we shall see if another tattoo is on the horizon.

(photos are linked to the sites they came from.)

*edited for format, the blog appears differently on my laptop.*

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