Book 72,73,74,75,76,77

Sara Craven’s “Comparative Strangers”

Nothing to complain about, this story was a good read.  I couldn’t predict everything.  Which at this point in reading these novels I was starting to get a bit bored with the stories.  Awkward situations make for the best romances, don’t they?

Diana Hamilton’s “Dark Charade”

Ah the twisted Sister-In-Law in this is epic.  What sinister places she went to inside her head!  Oh and the romance was lovely too.  The wonderful man who keeps trying and won’t let her go.  🙂

Diana Hamilton’s “The Wild Side”

I recognize what the author was doing but I admit to having a hard time finding anyone named Waldo romantic.  Once I put his name aside, he was an interesting dilemma in her world.  Why do we equate romance with abduction though?  Obviously, he didn’t have any truly bad intentions which makes it sexy.

Jean MacLeod’s “Meeting in Madrid”

A lovely fantasy type story.  Going abroad to tutor a child and finding love in the rough and sexy uncle.  Add an antagonist, the Sister-In-Law who feels threatened.  Very nice.

Bethany Campbell’s “Sea Promises”

This short story packed a lot in it.  Tragedy, possessiveness, family obligation, tough girl and the man who makes her feel safe and feminine.   I love stories that take place on the cliffs of the Northeast, there’s just something mysterious about it.

Joanna Mansell’s “The Night is Dark”

Lots of adventure and odd circumstances.  Enjoyable read.

Sally Wentworth’s “Ultimatum”

A very adult situation, I enjoyed this book and it’s turns.  The man isn’t classically handsome, and enjoys a dangerous hobby.  What I didn’t like was her stupidity in trying to change the man she was supposedly in love with.  I didn’t agree with her stand on it and was frustrating reading her thoughts and the lousy ultimatum she threw down.

The next book is Jane Corrie’s “Bride for Sale”

bride for sale


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