Book 72,73,74,75,76,77

Sara Craven’s “Comparative Strangers” Nothing to complain about, this story was a good read.  I couldn't predict everything.  Which at this point in reading these novels I was starting to get a bit bored with the stories.  Awkward situations make for the best romances, don't they? Diana Hamilton's "Dark Charade" Ah the twisted Sister-In-Law in … Continue reading Book 72,73,74,75,76,77

Book Seven: “Heart of the Sea”

Nora Roberts'  "Heart of the Sea" Who wouldn't love a romance novel set in a sea side village in Ireland and has one supporting character that is a ghost and one that is a faerie prince?  Come on!  =) I love this book although there are definitely moments of ... Huh?... in it it's still … Continue reading Book Seven: “Heart of the Sea”

Book Five: “A Capital Holiday”

Janet Dailey's "A Capital Holiday" A very "G" rated romance novel with a Christmas-y twist.  Perfect for a teen just getting into the romance genre.  It's a short book with a quick, sweet story.  This is the kind of story that ends up on Hallmark channel not Lifetime - if you know what I mean. … Continue reading Book Five: “A Capital Holiday”

Book Four: “Something Wonderful” by Judith McNaught

A raunchy fun read. Inner conflict, social turmoil, assassination attempts and sex. All good romance novel fun. I fully admit to being sucked in to this story for the last two days.  Read in record breaking time, so far.   I further admit to shirking my domestic duties to finish this one. >.< Judith certainly gets … Continue reading Book Four: “Something Wonderful” by Judith McNaught

Book Three; Jane Feather’s “Least Likely Bride”

Jane Feather’s “Least Likely Bride” Ahh here we go, took three to get there but the smut has arrived. 🙂  This is the quintessential aristocrat's daughter meets the only real "good" pirate on the seven seas and falls in love.  Tawdry affair and swash buckling good times. This book is the reason I love romance … Continue reading Book Three; Jane Feather’s “Least Likely Bride”

Danielle Steel’s “The Ranch”

Book number two of the romance novels completed! I remember this story, it is one of my favorites but one I can part with.  While the writing style is rather basic the three main characters drew me in.  This is one of the books that I delve into because I can visualize the story.  Somehow, … Continue reading Danielle Steel’s “The Ranch”