The Pack-Out Saga

We set the alarm for 5 am to sort ourselves out before the anticipated 8 am arrival of the packers. In all of our previous moves they showed up first thing in the morning.

At 9 am we were getting antsy, they still hadn’t showed, called or emailed. Then the husband got a text: packing day, if any issues or questions please call. Damn straight he called. Where are they?

They apparently scheduled to be at our house between 12 and 2 pm. Would have been lovely to know that!

So, we grumbled and cussed a bit and talked about where to go for an early lunch. Got changed and ready to go, husband went out back to lockup and saw a pickup behind our garage. They were sitting outside our house at about 10:15 am.

We grumbled more wondering if they were here to start or waiting for 12. 10:30 am the doorbell rang. A team of three women came in and started packing our stuff. That’s a first too, woman packers, was nice to see.

So, there we are. Sitting wondering what the hell was going on. Decided to skip lunch. A guy showed up to help them and at 3 pm they were wrapping up…finished.

Now we have a house full of boxes for the weekend and see how Monday plays out for the loading portion.

We have never had it done this way, two different crews. On the plus side we have our bed and sofas for the weekend. The plan was a blowup mattress and camp chairs figuring everything would be gone in one day like usual.

I remain flexible.

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