Enough with the needles!

With the long list of things I need to have done for my health screening for overseas moving I am finally nearing the end and should be able to submit my package Friday.

Today I had four different needles with various vaccines pumped into my arms, one of which created a bubble that I have to go back in two days to the doctor to report how it’s reacting.

My arms ache as if I was punched by a UFC fighter on each shoulder and my head hurts from stress.  Bp was high this morning.  Why?  The call last night from my mother reporting that Dad is in the hospital because his arteries are blocked.  Now he has to decide if he wants multiple stents put in or go with the full double bypass.  I can’t digest this just yet, maybe in a few days will I be able to look at this full on.

My adoring husband is out to sea at the moment so I get to sit and stew on all of this by myself for now.  Would be nice to have his shoulders to lean on…soon, he’ll be back soon.

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