What do you mean less than 4 months to do everything!?!

Well we received our orders for the move to Japan in February!  Yay! 


Now we start the process of getting everything in order.  My passport expired some time ago but I’m finding out the Navy will issue me a free passport for the move and possibly a Visa if I need one.  The biggest hurdle is deciphering all of the lingo on the Department of Defense web site to see what I need to do to request it.  It’s like reading Greek and they keep referencing other pages/documents to look at.  Really, can’t they just list what I need to request it and where to send the before mentioned list of things to?  Is it that difficult?  Just saying.

Next we will be seriously looking at our household to determine what we want to simply get rid of, what we will likely need to store and what will fit into the housing in Japan.

Eek!  it’s too early to do that ———————————–>


With the above tasks and the holidays coming and trips to be taken, time is going to fly.

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