Book 22: “A Knight in Shining Armor”

Jude Deveraux’s: “A Knight in Shining Armor”

Not my favorite by any means.  I usually like medieval stories but this one was a bit far fetched even for my imagination.   This is unfortunately one of the instances where I wish I hadn’t read other people’s reviews before starting the book.   The repetition using the character’s names was obnoxious but I’m not sure I’d have noticed so much if I hadn’t read someone else complaining about it before hand.

I remembered reading this before and rather liked it if it is a bit cheesy and I do wish the woman wasn’t so sappy.  Also, I don’t understand her attitude during some of it.  Where honey would work better she preferred throwing herself at the poor guy, whining, crying and carrying on.

Eh, Ms. Deveraux would have had my undivided attention if the girl had more spunk.  Also, I think she liked the name she chose for her, Dougless, a bit too much because she used it at every opportunity.


The next book is Patricia Pellicane’s “Frontier Temptress”

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