Funeral Funk

I’m sad to report I have a funeral to attend to tomorrow.  My Great Aunt Jennie passed away last week.  She was the last elder of my mother’s family and for that reason mostly is where my grief and sadness lies since I really did not know her other than very fond memories of a visit or two when I was a child and that I loved her garden.

Still.  It’s family isn’t it.
I think this is the first I’ve been to since my brother’s and I’m not really sure how I’ll handle it.  Hopefully with some dignity and grace but it’s unknown.

Also, adding to that a bit of discomfort in the fact that my husband will not be able to go with me so I’ll be handling it on my own, which, I am fairly used to really.  He’s rarely been able to be available for such things.  The Navy lifestyle.  I don’t harbor any sore feelings on him for this, it’s beyond his control really and honestly he thinks me much stronger than I am…or .. he knows better than I do about how fantastically awesome I will handle the day. 🙂  Let’s be optimistic, yes?


So, today, I need to delve into my closet for an appropriate outfit and tomorrow will be quite a day and then it will be Thursday.  That’s how it goes.  I’ll post afterward about how amazingly poised I was.

And likely get drunk tomorrow night with Uncle Michael.


My beautiful, Sicilian Great Aunt, wasn’t she lovely at 90 years old?  May your body RIP and your soul’s journey to the next be pleasant.  I know you are shining there as well as you did here.





On a slight side note:  I wonder if now my almost 80 year old mother is the elder of the Sicilian family now…hmm that warrants looking into.

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