A Love Letter To My Husband

What a special time of year this is for us.  A couple of weeks ago marked the anniversary of the day we met in 2003.  Yesterday, the anniversary of our wedding 2012.  Today the anniversary of your entering this world 1972.

Cale, I am so incredibly thankful and can’t accurately express what you have gifted me with, your love and devotion over all of these years.

You support me in so many ways, spoil me and treat me as an equal while also showing self-respect and self-care regarding your own health and well-being.   We found balance in time together and embracing times apart whether work related or solo trips as a blessing to our relationship.  Oh yes and behind closed doors our shared ugly, often very un-pc, humor is epic.

Our world views, religious views and political views don’t always match up but we respect each other and acknowledge that it’s ok to disagree or debate without it becoming an argument or personal attack.  Sure, we have our bad days but, in the end, we work it out and move forward.

We have been blessed to have been sent both to Asia and Europe, enriching our lives even more with different cultures and travel.  You work so hard and long hours which means you aren’t home as much as a 40-50 hour typical employment week in the states.  Often pulling 10+ hours and sometimes weekends, not able to take holidays off or not being able to travel far from the command.  We make it work.  I truly enjoy the travel but I also love time at home in the environment we have created in every home we’ve lived in.  The energy in our home is almost constantly of love, gratitude and appreciation.

It has been a trial being away from family and friends but in the end, it is who we are, we are travelers and we don’t fight it.  Our family and friends that support us mean more to us than they’ll ever know and those who keep us involved in their lives are extra special.  Facebook has been a connecting link I will always be grateful for, as aggravating as it can be sometimes.  I’m sure things would be different if we didn’t have social media connections.

We have grown so much as a couple over the years and I have zero regrets.  Best friends, loving partners and now being grandparents together, it is everything.

You are my heart.

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