Highs and Lows

January has brought a lot of high points and some disappointing lows.

High:  We have been pet sitting a ferret the past week and it’s been so much fun.  He’s the sweetest, best tempered ferret I’ve ever seen.  Yes, he gets into things and he poops on our floor but can’t blame him.  He’s in a new place and he doesn’t have his big cage to go in.

Low:  He goes home soon and we are going to miss him a lot but we aren’t in a position to get a pet at this point but he’s really making us want one.

High:  Lots of things to photograph this month including the ferret, a baby shower I helped put together for my friend and nights out.

Low:  My cell phone was crashing a lot and I couldn’t take many photos.  Picked up the replacement today so hopefully I can start getting more photo memories going.

High:  Planning a trip in a couple of weeks back to the states, will visit the parents and some friends.  Get to drive my car for a couple of days, been a couple of years!

Low:  Visiting a grieving friend which will be hard.

High:  We are going skydiving during this trip!

Low:  We are going to be jumping out of a perfectly good airplane on this trip!  😀

High:  Spending a few days with family and friends I have missed will be wonderful.

Low:  Not long enough

High:  Got to Skype with my friend last weekend, always fun!

Low: Last few weeks since Christmas have flown by and I have failed in making phone calls to my parents and my grieving friend which has been on my “Things to Work On in 2015 List”… Calling more often.

High:  Lost a few pounds since Christmas just by cutting portion sizes a bit and chasing a critter around.

Low:  Plantar Fasciitis in my right foot is incredibly uncomfortable and a new addition to my list of ailments.  Hopefully, it will go away soon now that I’m stretching it more.

High:  Loving Japan

Low:  Counting down now to when we leave Japan (we don’t know exactly when yet).  We like it so much that a year plus is too close.

High:  the Step-daughter wants to come out to live with us.

Low:  Her mother is working her evil magic on her and putting ideas in her head to keep her there.


Woke up not feeling well this morning, hoping this is just exhaustion from chasing a little shitter around for a week.

Oh and I’ve decided this year I will be focusing on not complaining so much, internally or vocally.  Time to shut up and fix it.

12 thoughts on “Highs and Lows

  1. Great list Di…might hafta steal it when I’m done writing about my road trip.

    Good luck with the not whingeing thing. I always thought there was only two types of people and that I was the type who looked at the glass as half empty…then George Carlin gave me a third option: the glass is too big. It’s helped me shift a negative perspective on my shit to something a lot more proactive.

    Love yer stuff as usual. Red

    1. Thanks Red.

      I am a very appreciative person actually and don’t sit moping much but I have a self-depricating and grudge-holding internal dialogue that tends to spew from my lips, it needs to be extinguished both internally and from sharing with others. Some soul-searching to be done.

  2. Skydiving was at the top of my bucket list, finally crossed it off about 15 years ago in Hawaii, then again a couple of years later in California. You will absolutely adore it, although sometimes I wonder. Yes, we jumped out of a perfectly good airplane. Mose people would call that “suicide”. And they say climbing Mt Fuji once is wise but climbing it twice is foolish, and I’ve never climbed it.

    I certainly don’t regret doing it, except that nothing else will ever, ever give you as much of a thrill. Are you going tandem or doing a course?

  3. Oh, ferrets are so cool. Glad you get the chance to borrow one for a while. My daughter and I love ferrets, always gravitate to the ferrets together when we visit a pet store. The other two in my household do not share the love. So when we got the opportunity to sit for three ferrets, we jumped at it. They came with the cage and little harnesses that we could use to walk them outside, which was hilarious because we took our sheltie with us and the ferrets spent the entire time chasing his bushy tail.

    Best wishes on the complaining resolution. That’s good and challenging one to tackle!

    1. Thanks, I’m already catching myself a lot.

      I used to have a harness for the ferret I had years ago, was fun to go on walks, got some funny looks from people.

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