2021 Begins

Well it’s almost the end of January so what has happened:

My husband has submitted his final thesis and is waiting to hear on his master’s degree. This will be the end of his formal education and he is so looking forward to not being in school anymore. It has been a long run, I’m super proud of him for sticking it out.

After working towards his retirement in May we found out his extension request was actually approved so we are having to adjust to being in the military a few months longer than anticipated. This is ultimately a very good thing, it allows us a little more pay added to his retirement and it gives us a little more time to figure out where we are going from here.

I started doing puzzles, clichĂ© with Covid-19 and being the crone I know, but it’s actually doing good things for me. I’m finding it forces me to focus on it and only it for a while. Basically, getting me out of my own head for an hour or two. It also challenges me to step out of my Virgo self and allow for something to not be finished and a work in progress for however long it takes.

Received my W-2 from working part time at a non-profit last year and found out they didn’t withhold any federal income tax because I fell under some income rule so we are having to pay for it now…it’s not a lot but enough to be annoying because we didn’t know it was coming. Lesson learned, when getting a direct deposit paycheck and not seeing a pay stub, ask for it.

We have started the new year still debt free and with a savings account and some investments slowly building but have also been able to purchase/order some firearms. This was one of the things we were looking forward to doing when returning to the U.S. last year but had to be put on hold because of the lockdowns and stock issues.

I have created a schedule for myself that incorporates spirituality in my daily life and exercise almost every day and am working towards it becoming a habit – second nature to do both which has been a big focus since Yule.

Of course, we have a new President/Vice President and I hope they do right by America, that’s all I’m saying on that.

Let’s see what February brings…

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