Spiritual Pathwork

On December 21, 2020 (Yule/Winter Solstice) I began working on a project to further my spirituality and hone in on some habits, traits and wants for 2021.

Below is the first two weeks’ schedule.

I’m using this blog to do updates and accountability. I’m not going to be specific because it’s highly personal.

Week 1 started out great, I came up with my intention and though it took a bit longer to get it just right, I completed that task. The mantra was created as well, however I have not used it habitually as of yet. I set aside a corner with my reading chair, Yule tree, a yellow candle and amethyst. Designated a notebook and pen that stays in that space, mostly. The last two tasks are ongoing but started that week. Setting the habit did not happen but I didn’t drop it all together.

Week 2 started out with a re-affirmation of doing the work. I began sitting in my space, lighting the candle and sitting with my thoughts. I made notes and did some adjusting to any “should” “have to” thoughts. I began thinking about a craft but have not come up with anything yet though I did color a couple of pages in my pagan coloring book planner and completed the first part of my planner for 2021 which incorporates Goals, Plans, etc. so I accomplished those which fall into the creative category.

This week I am more dedicated to the quiet time every day, going on 4 days now and I am working on coming up with the craft (I knew this would take most of the 6 weeks to accomplish with Covid 19 and my lack of craftsmanship) but it’s coming together. I am noting daily tasks and being more present in my day.

I’ll do a new update with Week 3 at the end of the week or early next week. My hope is that by February 1-2(Imbolc) I will have new, more intentional daily habits that incorporate my spirituality, accomplishing personal and mundane things every day and becoming more in tune with who I am. If this is successful, I will create pathwork for Feb 1-2 (Imbolc) to March 21 (Ostara/Spring Equinox) and so on through the year.

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