10 Things

Today is a holiday for those of us who follow the calendar wheel of the year.  Today is Lughnasadh/Lammas which marks the first day of the harvest season if you are a farmer or gardener this makes sense but in addition to the literal some of us follow the flow of the year in a spiritual sense.  Self improvement and a practice of spirituality.

With Autumn approaching (yes I know it’s still wicked hot but it’s on the way!) I will begin pulling inward and scrutinizing my “self”.  In preparing for that, I thought a 10 things I love would be a nice way to remember the things that actually do work for me before the hard hitting work of figuring out what isn’t working for me.

In no particular order:

  1.  Exploring:  It’s no revelation that I’ve always been drawn to travel whether around the corner to a new neighborhood I didn’t venture into before or a trip to the other side of the world.  I love finding new things, seeing new places and experiencing different cultures, crafts, rituals.
  2. Food:  Trying new foods is fairly easy for me, never been one to cringe much and say no way.  I’ll try it usually and the moment when a new food is discovered and it’s beyond delicious is a treasure.  On the flip side it’s kinda fun for me to find a horrible food that I’ll likely never get near again but always glad I at least tried it.  Also, favorites bring great memories with it and just the simple utter enjoyment of the flavor, texture of a loved food is heaven.
  3. Artistic Expression:  Creative/artistic abilities escape me, it’s never been something I’ve been able to do but in that I think it has given me an appreciation for those who do have it and apply it with such passion and technique.  It is one reason why I love tattoos.  It’s a way for me to be artistic but by someone else’s hand…and machine.  Everything I have is meaningful and well thought out.  Also, when someone gifts me a handcrafted item it touches my heart that they took the time and effort to do something with me in mind.  I’ll include the craft of knife and blade work because I can’t have a love list without mentioning knives.
  4. History:  I love hearing/reading/learning about the history of a place, item, person, feeling.  When I was a teenage I quietly wished I could be a history teacher but with my stage fright teaching was terrifying.  Archaeologists have the best job around I think.  Why didn’t I go into that field?  I have a conflict with the work, learning about the history of the world and things is fascinating but I also feel rather passionately about leaving things where they are and not disturbing something.  Rather contradictory isn’t it.
  5. Reading:  I have gone through some phases but reading has always been a part of my life in some form.  It’s an escape and an adventure every time to dive into the imagination of someone else.  Even books I don’t enjoy, I still can appreciate the effort and mind of the person who wrote it out.  I am a bit jealous of people who can write what comes to their minds, I have a hard time articulating my thoughts usually.
  6. Exercise:  It’s a love/hate thing.  Actually getting to the gym or out the door for a walk is the hate/challenging part but once that step is taken the actual workout or walkabout is a wonderful thing.  I love the feel of exertion during it and I love the endorphins after.  The feeling of jumping muscles and knowing the bloat is less because of the sweating out bit.
  7. Geeking Out:  There are a few things that shove me straight into the geek zone and I’ve learned to embrace it with the help of my husband.  I’m a sci fi/fantasy and comic fangirl.  The surge of Marvel and DC movies over the last decade or so has fed my geekgirl in a big way along with Star Trek and Star Wars.  Yes I love both, it can happen.  I am also an (very) amateur techie geek, loving gadgets and new toys.
  8. People:  There are a certain few friends and family which I keep in touch with who help fill my soul.  Hopefully, you know who you are.  Also, random people are so interesting to watch and meeting new people can be a great experience.  Learning who they are and what makes them unique.  Even people I don’t necessarily click with I appreciate their individuality…if they have it. haha
  9. Sound:  There’s just something magical about a walk in the woods, along the beach or in a park when there’s nothing to hear but nature moving.  There’s also something amazing about the sounds of people living, conversations, cooking, laughter, music, celebration, crying.  Moving from Japan to Italy has made me hyper aware of noise.  Japan was very quiet for the most part.  Italy is very loud and in your face but in a good way (most of the time).
  10. Success:  Not in the monetary way or career path necessarily though those are awesome if on your side.  I’m talking about the moment when something someone has worked hard for exceeds expectations or someone does something spontaneous and the result is better than they could have imagined.  A leap of faith that pays off.  The joy of a moment working out positively on someone else’s face or their excited voice is something I love to catch.  The YES with fists in the air triumphant moment.  I had that moment when we landed the house we have in Italy and I’m hoping to have that moment when I am offered a great job ..  I’ll post the face if it happens. 🙂


Hope you are having a great day, fantastic year and hold out a little longer through the heat!  Relief is in sight.

3 thoughts on “10 Things

  1. Thumbs up! I had to smile a bit when I read what you said about exercise, knowing what an ordeal it was for you when you started your routine a while ago. It’s nice to see that you got past that.

    1. Haha wouldn’t say I got past it but it is a work in progress and might be a forever struggle. I am back doing yoga and now have a car so will be hitting the gym again soon. Walks around town have to wait for cooler days though. Thanks for the support! Your love of biking helps motivate me.

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