From Capua to Capua

We live in ancient Capua which is now called Santa Maria Capua Vetere and is about 10 minutes from now Capua (I know it’s a bit confusing) so we took a day to go see the small town a few minutes away and it is beautiful.  Click on this link for a decent explanation of the two towns.

We parked near a church with a dome and at a water fountain to walk around a bit and snapped a few photos.  It was hot and during Italian siesta so we didn’t linger long.


A lovely town we fully intend on exploring further.

August is hot and many Italians go on holiday for much of the month so it’s a bit quieter and not all shops/restaurants are open normal business hours.  I’m staying home most days at this point but I am super comfortable in this home, getting a lot of reading in and enjoying the solitude before the inevitable teenage invasion likely happening next month, so it’s a wonderful thing.


Ready for Autumn!


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